ADDINOL High-Performance Lubricants - General Product Catalogue
 The large product catalogue with the most important information about all products
Size: 52 pages, Format: DIN A4
Languages: bilingual (English/German)

ADDINOL Image folder
 Company portrait.
Size: 18 pages (for each language), Format. DIN A4
Languages: bilingual (English/German)

New edition of our newspaper

In the brand new edition of our "World of ADDINOL" we introduce our new product line ADDINOL FoodProof, provide an insight into 80 years of ADDINOL, report on our innovative gas engine oil ADDINOL Eco Gas 4000 XD, give valuable information on the use of lubricating greases, accompany the application of ADDINOL Eco Gear M in a cement mill...

Brand-new folder for wind power

Generating energy by the utilisation of wind power is of clear benefit for the environment. And for operators, owing a wind turbine can be lucrative business, too. However, for getting the equation right, all aspects need to be taken into consideration. After all, wind turbines are cost-intensive and high-maintenance capital goods. For these...

New range, new folder

We have drawn up a handy product overview for applications in food and beverage industry including all new lubricating oils of our ADDINOL FoodProof range. The products and their most important values and specifications are introduced and the brochure gives an overview of the special requirements valid in food and beverage industry. The...