Addinol – a story of success

ADDINOL celebrates its anniversary! 75 years ago on October 26th, 1936 the former Mineralölwerk Lützkendorf was founded near the chemical site Leuna.

Start of construction for additional tanks, new production lines and warehouses.

Official opening of the production plants and the new logistics centre.

Starting of the building of a new and expanded logistics centre in Leuna.

ADDINOL operates on all continents.

Moving into the new office in Leuna.

In Leuna, only some kilometres away from the previous location in Krumpa, ground-breaking ceremony for the new headquarters takes place.

The ADDINOL LUBE OIL GmbH is registered in the commercial register.

ADDINOL Mineralöl GmbH Lützkendorf is founded. Thus the name of one of the most successful engine oils of the former Mineralölwerk becomes the name of the company. ADDINOL “Additive in Oil” was one of the most renowned brands in the GDR.

In the year of the German Reunification the total production of the Mineralölwerk amounts to 800,000 t of mineral oil products. 304,000 t of these belong to the field of lubricants.

With the development and manufacturing of hydro crack base oils a further core competence for the future develops.

The establishment of an own additive-production begins. Packaging of the finished products is extended. Now up to 1200 1-litre-packing can be filled per hour.

A new Inline-Blending-Plant facilitates the blending of products according to the wishes of the customers. The year capacity of this plant amounts to 200,000 t.

Further technical test facilities (half-technical plants) and a modern engine test stand are put into operation.

A new building for research is opened with about 350 employees.

Establishment of a Scientific Technical Centre for research, development and application. The development of national and international methods for the practical testing of lubricants as well as a comprehensive instrumental analysis for quality assurance are important parts of this central research establishment.

Between 1956 and 1964 a new factory for lubricating oils including an industrial plant is built. The number of employees reaches 3,600, capacity of the new factory for lubricating oils amounts to about 250,000 t/year.

With 65,600 t the Mineralölwerk Lützkendorf meets a main part of the yearly demand for lubricants in the GDR of 150,000 t.

Plants for synthesis are relocated to the factory Schwarzheide. The Mineralölwerk solely focusses on the development and production of lubricants. In this year the processing of crude oil of Matzen in Austria starts.

The Mineralölwerk Lützkendorf becomes a nationally-owned company of the GDR.

80 % of the Mineralölwerk are destroyed after bomb raids. However, already in July work is resumed. Shortly afterwards delivery of the first lubricants is effected. Plants for synthesis are disassembled and transported to the east. On the 21st July the industrial production is resumed on the order of the Soviet Military Administration in Germany (SMAD).

Manufacturing of lubricants makes a record profit of 6 million RM.

All plant components of synthesis are in operation. Planned production capacities amount to 75,000 t fuel and 50,000 t lubricants per year.

A company-owned laboratory for operative research is installed.

On 26th October the Mineralölwerk Lützkendorf is founded near the large German Chemical Site Leuna in Saxony-Anhalt. A factory for fuel and lubricants develops. The raw materials required for production are mainly gained out of coal with the synthesis method (coal hydrogenation Fischer-Tropsch-Synthesis).

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Welcome to ADDINOL, probably Europe's most modern lubricant plant!

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