GE Jenbacher approval for ADDINOL Eco Gas 4000 XD

ADDINOL Eco Gas 4000 XD is specifically customised to increased requirements on gas engine oils being applied in operations with clean combustion gases. In countless field tests by internationally recognised engine manufacturers such as MAN, MWM, MTU Onsite Energy, Caterpillar or Tedom, ADDINOL Eco Gas 4000 XD achieved outstanding results and has been approved for application. Finally, the field test and comprehensive appraisals for GE Jenbacher engines have been passed with flying colours as well. As of now, ADDINOL Eco Gas 4000 XD is approved for GE Jenbacher engines of the series 2, 3 and 6 for all versions operated with fuel gas class A.

The approval for series 6 includes both versions with steel pistons (F, G, H) and aluminum pistons. This approval brings about countless new possibilities for applying ADDINOL Eco Gas 4000 XD. After all, the GE Jenbacher is one of the worldwide leading OEMs and gas engines from Jenbach are in use successfully in numerous countries of the world and in many large plants.

During field test phase, ADDINOL Eco Gas 4000 XD achieved the impressive oil operating time of 4,200 operating hours in a gas engine of type GE Jenbacher 612 F with steel pistons. Competitive products reach between 1,200 and 1,600 operating hours on average in similar units and under comparable operating conditions. All in all, a lower oil consumption can be observed for the application of ADDINOL Eco Gas 4000 XD, the required top-up quantities were very small.